Kerala abounds in beauty. Beauty which touches the heart, the mind and the soul. Not only nature but also every little thing about this land is an enriching experience. Exalting and humbling at the same time.
Mother nature is resplendent here.She is playful and sprightly in the beaches. Languid and mysterious in the backwaters. Dedicate and ethereal in the hill stations.
Besides this natural splendour which is the hallmark of Kerala, the state has a rich repertoire of colorful art forms, magical festivals, historic monuments, exotic cusine,etc...All of which make an experience that tastes a lifetime.


Most of India's finest beaches in Kerala. For virtually its entire 600km length, the Kerala coast is lined with sandy beaches, rocky promontories and coconut palms. Kovalam , Varkala, Marari, Cherai, Kozhikode, etc...are the major beaches in Kerala.


The Backwaters of Kerala- meandering inland lakes networked by canals- stretch to over 1200kms. Boat cruises (Houseboat,Motor Boat,Country Boat) across these tranquil stretches are an experience unique to Kerala.

Hill Stations

Lying on the windward side of the Western Ghats, Kerala has a long chain of lush,mist-clad hill stations that are home to exotic wildlife. All the hill resorts in Kerala offer the most enchanting experience of nature in all its virgin beauty.

Wild Life

Nested in the lush forests of the Western Ghats in Kerala are forteen wildlife sancturies. And skirting these exotic destinations are some of the most delightful trekking trails in the country. Some of them adventureously exciting,others enchanting in equal measure. All washed in the spice-scented air of the endless across of plantations like tea,coffee, cardamom,vanila,pepper,etc..


Kerala has a rich repertoire of historic and cultural monuments. In this land of diversity,history unravels in myriad ways. Archeological museums, art galleries,palace hotels,wood and metal sculptures,paintings, ancient scripts, forts, temples, churches, synagogues,Dutch Palace, Hill Palace, etc.. are the few examples of the diverse cultural srains that mark the long history of the cosmopolitan land.

Art Forms

Though Kerala has moved along with the times it perfectly balances tradition and modernity. The state has a rich culture and tradition that are safely guarded. The expressions of these can be found in the many art forms of Kerala which are striking in their color,costumes, and stylised movements. The traditional music of Kerala and the accompanying music for all the art forms are distinct with a charm of their own.


Ayurveda, the time tested Indian system of medicine with a traditionof over 3000years,is a way of life in Kerala. Ayurveda believes in the tratment of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole.Being rooted in nature, Ayurveda regimens are said to have absolutely no side effects.
A natural abandance of forests that are treasure troves of herbs and medicinal plants,as well as an equitable climate makes Kerala an ideal place to practice Ayurveda.


A reflection of the varied terrain of the land and her exuberant people, these festivals are invariably connected with a temple,church, mosque or a national phenomenon. However,the festivals here are cultural events which bring together people from all walks of life, all castes and creeds.